Nay Pyi Taw is the new national capital of Myanmar, located in Kyatpyae Village of Pyinmana Township of Mandalay Division. Nay Pyi Taw means "Royal City". The administrative capital of Myanmar was officially moved to a greenfield site 3 kilometres west of Pyinmana on 6 November  2005. Nay Pyi Taw is approximately 320 km north of Yangon. The capital's official name was announced on Armed Forces Day in March 2006.

Uppatasanti Pagoda

Uppatasanti Pagoda is a prominent landmark in Naypyidaw, the new capital of Myanmar. The pagoda houses a Buddha tooth relic from China. It is nearly a same-sized replica of Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon and stands 99 metres tall. The pagoda is 30 cm shorter than the Shwedagon Pagoda. Construction of Uppatasanti Pagoda began on 12 November 2006, with the stake-driving ceremony, and completed in March 2009. Walk around the spacious plaza surrounding the golden pagoda, admiring the 32 m (108 ft) high flagstaff as you go. Step inside to visit the museum, and you'll find yourself surrounded by a dazzling golden interior. In the sacred Bo tree garden, see 28 images of Buddhas on display, with a further four jade Buddha images inside the pagoda. Here you can trace the Buddha's entire story, from his birth through to his attainment of nirvana.

Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda

Thatta Thattaha Maha Bawdi Pagoda is a beautiful Maha Bodhi Temple replica. It was completed in year 2013 making it the most recent Maha Bodhi Temple replica in the world. It is an impressive 162 feet tall (49.4 meters). The height is just shy of the Maha Bodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya (52 meters), perhaps for respect to the authentic Temple at the exact spot of Buddha's enlightenment.

Water Fountain Garden

The Naypyidaw Water Fountain Garden is a garden in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. The 165acre garden is situated near the Naypyidaw City Hall with a steel structure arch-way. Also included in the garden are a main pond with three fountains and 11 small ponds with 13 different fountains, a 30ft high clock tower, nine recreation centres, two small gardens, two stone gardens and ten feet wide buggy road and footpaths. The garden was set up near the Naypyidaw-Taungnyo Road. While the main attraction is the fountain show, the huge play area and tower where you can enjoy wonderful views of the city, also attract tourists.


How to get there:

To serve the new capital, the existing airfield at Ela was upgraded to handle the larger planes. It  lies 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Kyatpyae.
All the local airlines in Myanmar - Myanma Airways, Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay and the new Air Bagan - have included Naypyidaw as a destination and provide services between it and other cities  and towns across Myanmar.
Air Mandalay is flying on Monday and Wednesday, Yangon Airways on Tuesday and Air Bagan on  Tuesday and Friday. There are 2 express trains daily at 08:00 and 12:00. Private express coaches also run everyday along Yangon- Nay Pyi Taw highway, which is over 320  km long. If you travel overland you can also break the journey at Taungoo (280 km).

Getting around:

A PRIVATE taxi association has begun operating at Nay Pyi Taw airport to serve passengers  travelling to the administrative capital. For passengers sharing taxis, the association charges K2500  a person for a one-way journey between the airport and Nay Pyi Taw, via Pyinmana, a distance of  about 19 kilometres (nine miles). Passengers also have the option of hiring a taxi, for which the one-way fare is K10,000. You may also rent a car from your hotel, but the rates are quite high.

Where to stay:

Aureum Hotel-Resort:
Is located at the start of the Hotel Zone. This new hotel is a true Oasis, centering round a pear- shape lake. A palm dotted drive way spirals up to the Lobby and the main Restaurant, overlooking  the lake, the sky pool, the banquet room and the main complex. The hotel has 27 deluxe  bungalows, 2 suite rooms and 1 presidential suite. Website: (the website is not updated)

Royal Kumudra Hotel:
A 3-4* hotel situated in the hotel zone no.(9) of Nay Pyi Taw. Sitting majestically on 30 acres of beautifully landsacped garden, Royal Kumudra Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw is just a 30 minutes drive away from the Nay Pyi Taw (Ealar) Airport and Pyinmanar Town  and within close range of the government offices. The hotel has 22 superior villas, 4 suite villas and  2 executive villas.

The Thingaha Hotel:
The Thingaha opened in March 2006 with 30 well-appointed guestrooms and suites. Situated in the  hotel zone of Myanmar’s new capital, Nay Pyi Daw, this new property is tastefully decorated.  Room facilities include LCD cable TV, electronic safe, and tea and coffee making facilities. This  property also has special dining and recreation facilities, a luxury spa, and wireless Internet for  meetings, conferences and seminars.

Myat Thaw Win Hotel:
Conveniently located in the middle of commercial district Hotel Zone in the Capital Naypyidaw,  Opposite Embassies Compound. Property stands on 37 acres of prime land.
The hotel has:
Chalet Duplex Type Deluxe              : 10 Units
Rooms with Double Beds (8)          :   4 Units
Rooms with Twin Beds 2x (12)       :   6 Units

Where to eat:
Near the Myoma Market are some local restaurants, offering Myanmar and Chinese food, very  
busy after office hours and there is the YKKO restaurant at Thapye Chaung Market, the best  
restaurant in Nay Pyi Taw.

What to do:
To be honest, there is not much to do at Nay Pyi Daw. The night market at Myoma Market is  
very lively and after March 2008 you can also visit the new 81-hectare Nay Pyi Taw Zoo Garden.