The Myanmar currency is Kyat (pronounced ‘Chat’). The market rate is round about 1520 Kyat for 1 US$ (as for January 2020). US$ can be changed in Kyat and used by everyone. The US$ can also be used. We advised to change the money at airports or any private bank (KBZ, AGD,..etc)the exchange rates are favorable. We strongly recommend to bring along cash US$ also in small denomination with good conditioned.Traveler’s cheque not recommended as these cannot be exchanged at local banks. It is recommended to only change a small amount of US Dollars into the local currency (Kyat) as US Dollars are accepted throughout the country.

US Dollars

The US dollars is most desired currency and the most basic to the country's overall economy. It is advisable to bring US dollars only. Other currencies usually get a poor rate of exchange on the free market and official money changer.